The Seattle Nightlife & Music Association (Seattle NMA or SNMA) is a coalition of music, nightclub, and bar interests formed to educate elected officials, civic and community leaders, and the media on the serious issues facing the music and nightlife industry in Seattle. Are you a musician, a venue employee, a show promoter, a venue owner, a record label owner, or a person who has ever bought tickets to see live music performed in the city of Seattle? You will have a voice if you join our ranks.

Action Agenda

  • Provide our customers with a safe and vibrant nightlife.

  • Promote responsible music venue, bar, and club management.

  • Support our local communities.

  • Respond to proposals which will impact our industry.

  • Protect the rights of music venue, bar, and club owners and their employees.

  • Keep members informed on issues that affect our industry.

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